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Reiki Healing
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Many years ago a close friend was suffering with a migraine and she asked me to help her. I put my hands on her head, focused on her pain, and around 20 minutes later the headache was relieved. I realised that during the process there had been a surge of energy through my arms and hands, which had somehow managed to sooth my friend's headache. This was the moment that the Reiki came to me and, so I decided to train as a Reiki Healer in order to be able to help people from an informed perspective.


Reiki is not connected to any particular faith, although it is spiritual and evokes a sense of peace, balance, and connectivity. Complimentary to the therapeutic process, Reiki Healing helps to unblock and clear negative energy to cleanse the mind/body. Reiki is often termed "the laying on of hands", however, it can be administered with or without touch, dependent on the client's preference and which is most appropriate. This form of energy healing is particularly helpful for anxiety, stress-reduction, and to aid restful sleep. 

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