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  • "I've enjoyed the exercises, they've really helped. I'm now in a solid place to tackle what I can and use the tools given." (M. 22yrs)

  • "The best part of therapy was letting it all out and knowing that someone was listening. I now feel more open minded about trying to help myself."(F. 18yrs)

  • "I have more good thoughts and I've been more calm since having therapy. It's been really fun and helped me to look at things differently. It's been nice to know that someone was coming to talk to me about things." (F. 8yrs)

  • "Since having therapy with Lisa, I feel more optimistic for the future." (F. 20yrs)
  • "Therapy has made me feel lighter, things are easier, talking really helps." (M. 63yrs)

  • "I've realised things I didn't know about myself and I feel more able to cope with things." (F. 25yrs)

  • "I've found therapy with Lisa helpful to clarify my feelings and thoughts." (F. 38yrs)

  • "I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm feeling much more positive." (F. 34 yrs)

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